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Withdrawal Consent Form

Under the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), you are entitled to withdraw or modify your consent for the collection, use, and/or disclosure by us of your personal data. Please note that there may be consequences which may arise from the withdrawal / modification of your consent. We shall inform you of any such consequences depending on the nature of the withdrawal or modification you are requesting.


Please email the completed form to our DPO:



  1. Upon receiving your completed Form, we may require further information to verify your identity before we may process your request.

  2. Having received and verified your identification, we shall endeavor to respond to your request within 10 business days. In the event we need more time to verify and fulfill the request, we shall inform you of the additional time needed via the contact information you provided in this Form.

  3. We would like to highlight to you that, pursuant to the PDPA, we shall cease (and cause our Data Intermediary to cease) collecting, using or disclosing your personal data, unless such collection, use or disclosure, as the case may be, without your consent is required or authorized under the PDPA or other written laws.

Last updated: 21st July 2022

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